Villains, I just love them so much

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I love how they’re all coded as the non-white, ugly, flamboyant, “crazy” other for wanting the power that other people around them just have. I mean, what does Aladdin know about being a prince? He’ll drive the kingdom into bankruptcy.

And then we get the villain who is explicitly white, and he scares the shit out of me:

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Hellfire Video : Frollo rubbing Esmeralda’s scarf all over his face, running down a long, dark corridor from which towering, faceless, bodiless red hoods with crossed arms swoop up and curve over his head, chanting “Mea Culpa” (Latin for “my fault”) over and over again as Frollo is swept up in fire, screaming about how god has fixed the world so that the devil is stronger than any human, praying to Maria, the Virgin Mother, to let him be able to possess a woman and control her sexuality, or else he’ll have her burn—literally. And then the shadows of soldiers with weapons rise above him, monstrously distorted, taller and taller until they envelop him and extinguish all the light, leaving Frollo kneeling, and then, face down on the floor, exhausted from his lust and guilt and bloodthirstiness. Ugh. Frollo. He creeps me out.

On another note, why are the two white male Disney villains, Frollo and Gaston, Frenchmen who want to possess women?